The Counseling Desk works with a vision to provide students, parents and the college staff with holistic knowledge on Values, Self-care, Interpersonal skills and nurture Self-efficacy by knowing themselves in understanding the situations and shortcomings.

The Counseling Desk provides both group counseling and individual (one-on-one) counseling services, and the sessions are offered in privacy and strictly confidential.

The Desk provides thorough support to individuals, groups and provides them with tools and techniques to respond better to these twisted situations and shortcomings. It also aims at creating awareness on various dimensions and issues prevalent in the society today, so as to have individuals or groups look forward to an enriched and happy living.

Our counselors has experience in handling issues like interpersonal conflicts (among family/friends), relationship management, anger management, emotional disturbances, peer pressure and value based conflicts just to name a few. The genial environment created at the Counseling Desk, enables students to freely express and resolve their issues. They are welcome to express their opinions to the Counselors without any fear of judgment to thus embark on their journey of stress free living.

We also provide students with career counseling, aided by assessment techniques, in order to help them to take decisions regarding their career.


To Assist and Develop BASICS (Behavior, Attitude, Skills, Integrity, Competencies and Service) vital for a Healthy and Positive Life.


  • To provide holistic services and support to the students, parents and staff.
  • To help the individuals become self – reliant and self- confident.
  • To build life skills through value-based education and service-oriented programs.
  • To assist individuals to develop an image for tomorrow and to work towards their goal of achieving it.
  • To enhance and inculcate a culture of service to one another.