• The Principal have complete powers to maintain discipline in the college
  • Students should carry their identity cards with them and produce them whenever demanded by the authorities
  • The Principal may impose fine, suspend or expel a student from the college in case of indiscipline or violent misbehavior or insubordination or violation of college rules and regulations
  • A student who is irregular to the classes is liable to forfeit his/her claims towards
    1. May not be eligible to submit the examination form
    2. Scholarships
    3. Other Concessions
    4. Eligibility to represent the college/university in sports and games
  • The Principal may discontinue or cancel scholarships or any other financial aid to a student on grounds of irregularity
  • Parents should keep in touch with the principal from time to time and know the progress, punctuality and regularity (in attendance) of their wards
  • Students are expected to keep the college campus neat and clean. Writing on the walls and damaging the college property is strictly prohibited. Strict silence should be observed in the college premises. Any damage or loss caused to the college property will be recovered from the student after identification of responsible person and enquiry
  • Bringing outsider into college premises without obtaining prior permission from the principal is deemed as misconduct
  • Ragging in and around the college premises is strictly forbidden. The students who are found involved in ragging will be punished and expelled from the college immediately
  • Organizing any activities without principal’s written permission constitutes to misconduct
  • The hall ticket for the university exam will be issued to the student only after he/she submits a no-due certificate signed by all the respective authorities
  • Using of cell phones in the campus is strictly prohibited. If any student is found using it, the cell phone will be seized