The Department of Microbiology deals with one of the most rewarding professions today, contributing to industry and research alike.

A student with a graduate or post-graduate degree in Microbiology can get a job as a Microbiologist in the Food sector, the Biotech sector, Hospitals, and other laboratories dealing with bio products. Microbiology is a vast field and has a lot of scope. Jobs exist in R&D as well as for managerial tasks. There is also scope in research organizations which do Microbiological research to join as a research fellow. A GATE/NET/JRF score also helps to get a suitable position.

Microbiologists are employed in the related field of public health. They work to combat problems such as outbreaks of epidemics, food poisoning and the pollution of air and water. Graduates can be inducted as Bacteriologists, Environmental Microbiologists, Food Microbiologists, Industrial Microbiologists, Medical Microbiologists, Mycologists, Protozoologists, Biochemist, Biotechnologist, Biomedical Scientist, Cell Biologists, Geneticists, Immunologists, Parasitologists and Virologists in various related organizations. They can even choose to become a science writer or a teacher, which are promising career options.

The students take up individual projects in the campus and also in various institutions and laboratories like CCMB, ICRISAT, BIOAXIS Research Centre, Medicity Hospitals, GLOBAL Hospitals, OU campus etc., for exposure in research and to update themselves with the latest procedures and techniques involved in the field of Microbiology.


To develop and promote a research culture among students.


  • To give them practical exposure and hands-on-experience
  • To train students and help them gain experience in higher learning through discussions, debates and power point presentations
  • To enable students to be aware of current research work going on in different areas of biology
  • To create awareness about possible scope and range of research projects

UG Courses Offered

  • B.Sc BC.C.BT (BioChemistry – Chemistry – BioTechnology)
  • B.Sc MB.C.BT (MicroBiology – Chemistry – BioTechnology)

Department Faculty