The study of the composition of matter is a fascinating journey, and we, at the Department of Chemistry take pride in specializing in it. We teach the secrets of the building blocks of existence itself. So far, it has been a more than worthwhile endeavor.

The laboratories in the Chemistry Department are well-equipped and well maintained and offer tremendous opportunities to explore the world of Chemistry. A strong emphasis on exhaustive lab training ensures that students are given hands on experience to sharpen their analytical skills. The innovative curriculum is oriented towards research and involves project work. The teachers use the latest teaching aids to make student learning an enjoyable experience. The Department has effective lecturers, known for their creative efforts in imparting knowledge to students.

With the introduction of M.Sc in Organic Chemistry, the department is poised to make inroads into research. PG students take up individual projects on campus and also in many pharmaceutical companies. This exposes them to research and enables them to update themselves with the latest procedures and techniques.


To equip students with skills required for the large demand from pharmaceutical and drug industries locally and nationally.


  • To provide advanced knowledge and practical experience in Chemistry
  • To encourage research and development activities among students
  • To develop employable skills for job opportunities in the fields of Education, Research and Development

UG Courses Offered

  • B.Sc BC.C.BT (BioChemistry – Chemistry – BioTechnology)
  • B.Sc MB.C.BT (MicroBiology – Chemistry – BioTechnology)

PG Courses Offered

  • M.Sc Organic Chemistry

Department Faculty